Slim Case | Apple & Samsung



Upgrade your phone with the Slim Case! It doesn't just add a sleek and stylish aesthetic to your device, but also keeps it safe from everyday wear and tear. Available for both Apple and Samsung phones, this ultra-thin and lightweight design fits perfectly and looks amazing. The case is crafted with extra durable materials that provide top-of-the-line protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. Keep your precious phone looking pristine without having to worry about damaging it. Enjoy all the features you love without fear of damage with the Slim Case!

The Slim Case is super slim and durable with full wrap-around design. Match the aesthetics of your phone with customized designs and a delicious glossy finish. The mockups are representations of phone cases, and minor details may vary by country.
  • Super-slim design
  • Premium quality
  • White base color
  • Enhanced durability, scratch and shock resistance
  • Glossy premium finishing
  • Dye sublimation printing
  • Print wrapped around the entire body (rear and sides)
  • Snug fit, and precisely aligned port openings
  • Wireless charging compatible