Foam Square



Introducing Foam Square - the perfect addition to any home! A unique and stylish way to bring comfort and warmth to your living space. Foam Square features a lightweight, yet supportive and firm foam material with a smooth feel that won't disrupt your room's décor. Perfect for use on its own as a standalone seat or for adding extra support to your chairs, sofas and beds. At Foam Square, we've strived to design the perfect product to fit all sizes and shapes of furniture and provide maximum comfort. This unique square allows you to enhance your space in ways you never thought possible. So go ahead and add extra comfort and a touch of style to your home today - with Foam Square!

Turn your art into a beautiful foam board print. The smooth texture intensifies the image's natural look and feel. The foam board prints are very versatile, available in various sizes and perfect for multiple uses.

- Prints available in both black and white foam board print

- Easy stick on and take off the wall

- Strong, rigid and amazingly lightweight

- Mounting kit included

Printed and shipped on demand. No minimums.