Foam Landscape



Add a touch of adventure and wonder to your home or office with Foam Landscape! This unique piece of décor features three interlocking foam pieces that can be placed together to create a beautiful, 3-D scene. Enjoy the rolling hills, rocky terrain, and vibrant colors of the Foam Landscape, crafted with intricate details and vivid colors. Place it on a desk or shelf and bask in its eye-catching beauty and serene atmosphere. Foam Landscape is perfect for any room and offers a creative way to brighten or enhance a space. Great for those seeking an eye-catching nature scene without sacrificing space.

Turn your art into a beautiful foam board print. The smooth texture intensifies the image's natural look and feel. The foam board prints are very versatile, available in various sizes and perfect for multiple uses.

- Prints available in both black and white foam board print

- Easy stick on and take off the wall

- Strong, rigid and amazingly lightweight

- Mounting kit included

Printed and shipped on demand. No minimums.